Garden Design Case Study – Crowthorne #2

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The front area of this property in Crowthorne had been neglected for a number of years so it was difficult for the client to envision what could be done with the space. Owen therefore set about designing it to make it more secure, more aesthetic and better equipped if more vehicles needed to be parked on the property.

The client here was heavily involved in choosing different terrains, paving slabs and bricks by looking at previous projects completed by Owen Thomas Garden Landscapes Ltd that would suit her and the house.

After a large clearance and levelling of the area the landscaping team first set about putting in a large concrete footing underground in preparation for the building of a double skinned brick wall at height that was not too imposing. Brick chosen here were those that best matched the house.

A rumble strip was then concreted into place upon the entrance off the roadside using brick pavors that were similar in look to the house. The same pavers were then used within the Indian Sandstone paving area to break up the view and act as nice staggered contrasting edge between the new areas and planting borders.

To stay within budget, it was decided that softwood sleepers were to be used as the boundary line on the left hand side of the property as opposed to continuing the brick wall all the way around.

The extra 2 parking spaces created had attractive blue slate chippings put down as the base and along the perimeter of the property a new border was created for future planting. To add security a bespoke double timber gate was installed.


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