Landscape Case Study – Waverley Way

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With this project Owen had to work within a budget that made use of the limited space available. A conservatory had been recently constructed that stepped on to a muddy path that was not practical or safe. One side of the conservatory had a lawn that sloped towards it. Much of this debris was dug up with the use of an excavator and either disposed of via a skip with any good soil placed on to the lawn so that it could be re-used to for re-levelling.

Once the area had been dug far enough away from the house with the sub soil being removed, a retaining sleeper wall was erected. With each sleeper being supported by hidden posts concreted into the ground and supported by timber fixing screws, it has been built to retain a huge amount of soil and turf. The sleeper wall then became steps that links the patio up to the lawn.

A lighter Sandstone patio was chosen as the material to use to brighten up the whole area. This was installed at the correct height of two courses below the damp course and was laid in a random pattern with the rain water draining away from the house. A drain was discovered in the ground preparation that we managed to assimilate into the patio with the use of a recess drain cover that still allows access whilst also looking part of the patio.

On the third level of this garden is a patio and shed area that is used for entertaining. It initially only had one timber bar running form one side to the other so we installed new timber balustrades that ran the full length of the area. This made it much safer for all users especially as new upright posts were being supported by being concreted into the ground and screwed to the brick wall. Good quality timber was used throughout with the top rail being wide enough to hold drinks.

A small fence and new gate was then constructed which tied in with the rest of the garden, giving better access to the customer and also gave the property extra security.


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