Landscape Case Study – Eversley

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This project in Eversley in 2021 started with the ground clearance and excavation of the areas to be landscaped with the use of a mini digger. Any decent top soil was put to one side for future use.
The pond was dug out as close to possible that the nearby tree roots allow. 

All debris was removed and recycled responsibly from site with the hire of skips and grab loaders. 

The current vegetable patches were dismantled and removed from site. A series of raised vegetable patches as per design were installed using good quality softwood sleepers. These were laid upon a ballast and cement footing ,supported by hidden posts concreted into the ground and secured with timber fixing screws.

Small areas of hard standing as per design are to be installed using some of the existing bricks.  The outer lines were concreted for strength and to define the shape. The remaining areas had a good layer layer of sub-base compacted , sharp sand graded level before the remaining bricks are laid. Kiln dried sand was brushed into the joints to finish.

Metal edging was used where appropriate separating the path ways to the new planting borders on the approach to the Tennis court.  These were securely pinned into the ground and set at the required height to retain sub-base and gravel.

Sel-binding gravel was then supplied and installed throughout all the pathways. It was laid upon level compacted ground, sub base and geo-tex weed membrane.

The new planting borders were extensively dug over with weeds, roots and debris removed. Fresh organic matter was added and dug over and levelled in preparation for planting

Rustic looking chestnut fencing was installed as per design. The timber posts used were concreted into the ground using strong post fixing cement.

The area outside the front of the garage was excavated down to a sufficient depth with debris removed. MOT Type 1 sub-base was brought in levelled and compacted. The outer lines of clay pavers were concreted into place using a strong ballast and cement mix. The main area then had Sharp Sand levelled and compacted in preparation for the laying of the main area of clay pavers.

On completion the area had Kiln Dried Sand brushed into the joints and the area tidied up.

On each side a low wall was also built using bricks on -site and topped with the same clay pavors as per design.



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