Garden Design Case Study – Hurst

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This project was completed in the Summer of 2019 was a very fulfilling one as we had to completely transform the whole garden as the before and after photos testify. The clients did have a very basic design idea of what they wanted which Owen adapted and drew up.

Following the complete clearance of everything within the garden, including for example the overgrown and woody shrubs, the tall overbearing Leylandii hedge, the back fence covered in Ivy and the very uneven large patio and brick walls the garden instantly felt more spacious.

This new found space was then used to incorporate a large aesthetic curved patio using a nice contemporary porcelain patio supplied by Bradstone. This patio was then edged with a very nicely matched Granite basalt brick pavor supplied by London Stone which as well as leaving a nice finish also acted as a perfect mowing strip for the newly laid lawn.

A second patio was also installed in the corner of the garden as an alternative place to sit to enjoy the evening sun. Raised up from ground level using re-claimed brick that matched the house this patio also gave a different perspective of the garden. The porcelain paving slabs used here were supplied by Global Stone and have a very attractive wood effect.

After much cultivation of the soil and introduction of freshly graded top soil a newly curved lawn was laid. Stepping stones are placed within the centre of the lawn taking you from one patio to the other. Surrounding the lawn were curved borders left in preparation for planting.

As well as a new 6ft fence put in place at the back of the garden it was decided that some privacy would be needed along the main boundary line where the hedge once stood. Owen recommended that curved diamond privacy trellis would be a good choice for this over time new climbing plants can be encouraged to grow along it.

All in all a lovely job for lovely customers recommended through the APL.


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