Fences and Boundaries (COPY)

Image of small roped fence
A well-defined and aesthetic boundary can make a huge difference to your garden. Having a solid fence will improve the safety and security of your property as well as reducing local noise pollution. Owen Thomas Garden Landcapes Ltd will work with you to plan your fencing and boundary requirements and by only using the best quality product from a local fencing and timber merchants, you will have peace of mind that all structures are built to last.

As the pictures below illustrate we can construct fences using a range of different heights and methods. Whether it is a change in height with the boundary stepping up or down, or working with certain obstructions such as trees and shrubs, you will be sure Owen and his team will find the most suitable and cost effective way to overcome any problems.

Generally fences come in two shades, either in “green” which is pressure treated or in brown which is where the timber is dipped to leave the timber in a nice dark shade. Both processes keep the fences from rot and decay and extend the longevity of the timber.

All our fence panels are supported with posts concreted into the ground to a minimum depth of 2ft using strong quick drying post-fixing cement. For extra strength concrete posts can be used as an alternative to timber posts.

Owen and Steven did a marvellous job clearing and paving the bottom of our garden. They built raised beds and put up a fence. Highly recommend them.
N Bell Williamson, Waterloo Road, Wokingham

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