Landscape Case Study – Wokingham

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This project, completed in early summer 2021 started with ground clearance and excavation of patio slabs, mud/lawn, box hedging, the laurels and bay trees.  Any decent top soil was put to one side for future use.

The Laurel and Lilac trees were removed and moved to the front of the property.

A low brick wall was built to retain the soil under the fence and against the slightly higher border on that side.  

A patio was installed measuring 50m² using Bradstone porcelain paving slabs. The patio is to be laid upon sand and cement mix in a staggered pattern with the rain water draining away from the house. Each individual slab was pre-sealed underneath with SBR Bonding agent before being laid.

The patio was cleaned and then finished with a strong and consistent exterior grouting mix installed. 

The same method and materials were then be used for the side path connecting the front driveway to the back garden. It left a shingle gap either side for drainage.

A high quality pressure treated closed board gate was installed at the end of the pathway. 

A high quality pressure treated trellis gate was installed between the 2 brick pillars on entrance to the back garden. 

Two recess drain cover were installed within the patio. The drain had the patio slabs cut in neatly whilst still allowing access.

Smooth granite setts were installed to define the new patio. These were laid level with the lawn so will act as a good mowing edge as well leaving an aesthetic finish.

An armoured cable was laid in place in preparation for electric power to be installed in the new office. 

Metal edging was used to create the new shape of the garden and gravel pathway. 

A new gravel pathway was installed along the right hand side of the garden

The box hedging that had been dug out of the centre of the garden was replanted an equal distance of each other to leave a nice tidy finish along the both side of the path.

The new planting borders were then extensively dug over with weeds, roots and debris removed. Fresh organic matter was added and dug over and levelled in preparation for planting

To help deter moles from making a mess on the new lawn before the new turf is laid mole netting is to be pinned into place throughout the whole area. 




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